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Camden, SC

AARP Community Challenge Grant Year: 2017

Project Category: Public space activation

Description: Camden's Main Street program transformed the city's Broad Street alley into a vibrant throughway for shoppers and diners. To involve community members in the makeover, the City invited residents to the space to create stained glass-like globes out of tissue paper. By hanging the completed art pieces and adding LED string lights and shade canopies, the City created a decorative, open ceiling to the alley. They later added benches and planters to create an outdoor gathering space. It's wonderful to see the residents who created pieces strolling through the alley and pointing out to friends and family where their piece is located, Camden Main Street Program Manager Katherine Spadacenta said.

Hebron, NE

AARP Community Challenge Grant Year: 2017

Project Category: Trails

Description: The Thayer County Walking Coalition aims to provide local residents with opportunities to walk and bike. This project improved trails in the City of Hebron. To create places for walkers to socialize, the coalition added seating areas with shade trees, benches and trash cans. Project organizers installed new signs guiding people to local attractions, including the World's Largest Covered Porch Swing and the site of a World War II POW camp.

Evanston, WY

AARP Community Challenge Grant Year: 2021

Project Category: Public space activation

Description: To bring vibrancy to Evanston's downtown, Evanston's Main Street program installed a unique, new seating option. This project added swing tables, which consist of a picnic table with bench seating on one side and swings on the other. Each table also accommodates people who use wheelchairs, who can roll up to either end of the table. To make the seating more comfortable, Main Street equipped each table with shade sails and solar lights. Additionally, the program engaged volunteers to paint pavement murals in the central business district's street crossings. The public art serves a dual purpose -- the murals add color to the streetscape and make crosswalks more noticeable to passing drivers. This calms traffic and increases pedestrian safety.

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Hazard, KY

AARP Community Challenge Grant Year: 2022

Project Category: Addressing community health

Description: This project installed equipment, including workbenches, a 3-D printer, pipe benders and a drill press, to bolster a program in which volunteers refurbish used medical equipment and adapt toys to aid people with disabilities.


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