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Jersey City, NJ

AARP Community Challenge Grant Year: 2017

Project Category: Public space activation

Description: To give residents at Marion Gardens the opportunity to gather, project organizers beautified a concrete area onsite. Residents of the public housing complex came together to plant trees, shrubs and flowers in an area of the property prone to flooding, with the new foliage acting as green infrastructure to absorb rainwater. To ensure care of the new trees long-term, project organizers also created a tree maintenance manual with pruning techniques and other tips. Since the planting, organizers have worked to plan a mural at the site.

Dover, DE

AARP Community Challenge Grant Year: 2017

Project Category: Improved wayfinding

Description: The City of Dover wanted to spread the word about its North Street/West Street trail, a bikeable route developed from two smaller trails, constructed with state funding. The new route connects several major neighborhoods, as well as a medical center and employment centers, including Dover's Enterprise Business Park. Hoping to attract plenty of cyclists and pedestrians, Dover's Public Works Department installed signs along the trail. All are situated near street intersections and inform people about the route's existence, as well as which turns they need to make to remain on the route. Since refurbishing the West Street portion of the trail in 2018, Dover has continued to promote cycling for mobility. In 2020, the city published a comprehensive bike and pedestrian plan, which focused on underserved neighborhoods and reducing traffic stress.

St. Paul, MN

AARP Community Challenge Grant Year: 2019

Project Category: Engaging people in transportation options/safety

Description: Hamline Midway Coalition wanted to inform the public about its plan for an improved pedestrian path along Hamline Avenue. The Coalition hosted a Community Engagement Day, where they gathered feedback from locals, collecting more than 40 responses. They created and put up posters to share their vision for the path. Additionally, project organizers also reached out to business owners along the corridor and met with the Department of Public Works to better understand the proposal, approval and funding process. Separated from the street by raised planters and delineated with clear street markings, the design for a 25-foot-wide path aims to improve safety for shoppers and residents traveling on foot.

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Brookhaven, GA

AARP Community Challenge Grant Year: 2022

Project Category: Inclusive civic engagement efforts

Description: This project created a newsletter featuring immigrant stories from the Buford Highway corridor and distributed it through a news rack stationed along thecommercial roadway. It also staged an event featuring recitations of the stories in five languages.

Conyers, GA

AARP Community Challenge Grant Year: 2021

Project Category: Public space activation

Description: The grounds of the Conyers-Rockdale Library offer locals an attractive, relaxing place to work remotely and enjoy the area's natural surroundings. Through its Birds, Benches and Blooms project, the library installed brightly colored benches around the grounds, including one on the Olde Town Conyers Trail, a well-traveled bicycle and pedestrian path. Project organizers also installed hand-crafted wooden bird feeders with live stream cameras, allowing residents to watch birds in person and from home. Additionally, the library bought two weather-protected corkboards to display community announcements.


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