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Chillicothe, OH

AARP Community Challenge Grant Year: 2021

Project Category: Public or private transit access

Description: A planning study revealed a lack of accessibility throughout the Chillicothe Transit System, with some riders to sit on the ground while they wait for the bus. To address this, the City stepped in the make bus stops more accommodating for riders of all ages and abilities. First, project organizers identified areas of town with high numbers of older adult transit riders and passengers with mobility challenges. Then they installed benches -- as well as swing sets -- at several bus stops. They also added bus shelters at two stops and erected new signage at more than 60 others. In the future, project organizers plan to add a mural to the pavement at the local library's bus stop. Organizers say the improvements make waiting for the bus more comfortable, which may lead to increased ridership.

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McComb, OH

AARP Community Challenge Grant Year: 2017

Project Category: Park enhancements

Description: McComb prides itself on the public park on the village's east side, which encompasses four baseball fields, tennis and basketball courts, a public pool, two reservoirs for boating, walking and fitness trails and a 36-hole disc golf course. The McComb Economic Development Organization installed drinking fountains and benches around the reservoir, plus a merry-go-round and several swings, including one designed specifically for wheelchair users. The park has remained an important community resource and serves as the location for events, such as the annual McComb Cookie Festival.

Toledo, OH

AARP Community Challenge Grant Year: 2020

Project Category: Public space activation

Description: To transform a vacant lot into a pocket park, Salem Lutheran Church installed benches at the site. Inspired by the improvements, community members contributed donations to construct concrete pads for the benches and add trash receptacles nearby. The Church also built a pergola to provide shade at a nearby bus stop, making it the only stop with shelter in the immediate neighborhood. Project organizers engaged local teenagers to help with installation, who volunteered alongside residents. Salem Lutheran Church has since continued its efforts to revitalize North Toledo, hosting a summer youth program to build a community garden for the neighborhood.


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