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Haigler, NE

AARP Community Challenge Grant Year: 2020

Project Category: Accessibility of amenities

Description: The Haigler Community Foundation upgraded a restroom in Cornerstone Museum to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act standards for accessibility. Improvements included adding a Braille sign with accessible symbols, a stool, four grab bars, a new sink and a coat rack. The village uses its museum complex for community activities, including the annual Tumbleweed Festival.

Claymont, DE

AARP Community Challenge Grant Year: 2018

Project Category: Accessibility of amenities

Description: To allow people of all ages and abilities to walk for exercise, the Claymont Community Center added an outdoor walking path and ramp to its facilities. The new, ADA-accessible walkway leads from the Center's building to its track and fields. Organizers say the pathway will allow more older adults to attend sporting events onside, such as football and baseball games. To make the pathway attractive, volunteers planted flowers. They also installed benches and picnic tables nearby. Organizers plan to add lighting to the walkway in the future, making it easier to traverse after dark.

Long Island, ME

AARP Community Challenge Grant Year: 2023

Project Category: Accessibility of amenities

Description: The council will purchase a beach wheelchair to enable residents with limited mobility to enjoy the area's beaches.

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Bowman, ND

AARP Community Challenge Grant Year: 2021

Project Category: Public space activation

Description: This project transformed a vacant lot on Bowman's Main Street into a community garden and pocket park. The Bowman County Development Corporation activated the space by adding accessible seating, an outdoor dining area, flowerpots and a shade structure. Residents of the small town were encouraged to get involved by laying pavers and planting grass, while a sign at the garden's entrance invites visitors to pull a weed or two and enjoy the fresh produce. Since the improvements, other local organizations have added to the garden, installing bike racks and a self-watering plot showcasing native plants.

Hettinger, ND

AARP Community Challenge Grant Year: 2018

Project Category: Public space activation

Description: To expand recreation options for residents of Hettinger, this project activated Centennial Square, an underused space in the city's downtown. The Hettinger Area Chamber of Commerce added outdoor games to the square, including Jenga and chess. Organizers say they hope the games plaza draw people downtown and provide opportunities for intergenerational activities. The biggest highlight of this project was the way that a few games brought together a diverse spread of community members of different ages, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jasmin Fosheim said.


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